Hamann Sense, LLC
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About Hamann Sense

Hamann Sense, LLC is a full service, boutique real estate brokerage in Indiana.  Its mission of providing best-in-class service and support to real estate clients in the Greater Indianapolis area has been realized since 2006.  With over 5,000 real estate agents in the area, it does not make sense to get lost in a pile of buyers and sellers.  Hamann Sense is common sense for real estate!

What is HAMANN Sense?


  • A personalized, boutique brokerage focused on your goals and objectives.
  • Dedicated, effective communication within a very reasonable amount of time.
  • A marketing strategy designed specifically for you.
  • A professional representation of you and your home.
  • Trustworthy, honest communication with you and other professionals.
  • A measurement of success by homes sold and rewarding relationships.
  • A partnership and commitment.  The real deal.  What you see is what you get!


  • A 24 / 7 / 365 brokerage.  Deadlines are met.  Faith and family always come first.
  • A gimmick or guarantee that your home will sell within a specified time period.
  • An attitude or empty promise.
  • The top producing brokerage in terms of volume nor does it intend to be.
  • An exaggeration of the broker’s skills or abilities.
  • Disrespectful ways for the broker or client to take advantage of each other.
  • Consistent delayed or lack of communication between the broker and client.

Hamann Sense is an organized, process-driven brokerage dedicated to working with buyers, sellers, and investors.  Upon accepting a contract, clients will receive a timeline document to keep track of where they are in the sales process.  This answers the question, "What should we be doing now?"

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